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  • Vivian Figueredo

Why We Bow

As a traditional martial art, training at Meikyo begins and ends with courtesy.

We bow when we enter our dojo out of respect for the space where we train. We bow to the images of Masters Funakoshi and Nakayama in remembrance of the origins of our art. We bow to our Sensei in appreciation of all she has taught us. We bow to our dojo mates, irrespective of rank, to acknowledge how much we learn from each other.

This continuous display of humility allows us to approach our training with open minds. By setting aside our egos, we acknowledge that we must vigorously polish our karate skills, lest they become dull like the neglected mirror.

We strive to extend this spirit of courtesy to all aspects of our daily lives. By setting a positive example for others, we make a meaningful contribution to society through our martial arts training.

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