Meikyo Shotokan Karate-Do

To study Karate is to study yourself with honesty, like a polished mirror reflection. Be patient. Persist. There is much to learn. Work hard. Believe in yourself. The journey is never over unless you quit. Take your first step and let's keep training!

In accordance with the Governor's COVID 19 pandemic mandate, we are not holding classes at this time. Please be safe, kind and well. 

Martial Arts Class


Meikyo offers a safe and professionally operated Shotokan karate dojo. Shotokan is a traditional Japanese martial arts style of karate. Sensei Smith provides highly individualized instruction, guiding each student towards their personal goals and encouraging them to develop to their own capacity.


Because everyone trains at their own pace, new students can join the dojo at any time. Beginners train alongside our intermediate and advanced students. Every karate-ka is expected to hone the fundamentals of our art before attempting more advanced techniques.


At Meikyo, our focus is on self-development. We encourage students to compete against themselves, rather than others, and to support fellow karate-ka in their development.

Because we believe that karate is a lifelong journey, Meikyo Shotokan Karate-Do is inclusive; we believe that ‘karate is for everyone’ and we welcome youth and adults who represent diversity in its many dimensions. Why not start your journey today with a friend or loved one? You never know what you can do until you try!



(The Dojo's Five Guiding Principles)

Seek perfection of character.

Be faithful.


Respect others.

Refrain from violent behavior.


Meikyo Shotokan Karate-Do is located at Movement Rx Studio

610-892-0659  |

333 E. Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood, PA 19096

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